Customer Piping and Responsibilities

We are required by Federal Regulation to notify you of the natural gas lines that belong to you - and your responsibility to maintain them. Florence Utility owns, operates, and maintains the natural gas pipeline up to and including the gas meter. You, as the owner and customer are responsible for maintaining the gas lines from the meter to the natural gas burning appliances throughout your home. In addition, if any of your natural gas piping runs underground to serve a gas grill, pool heater, or another building; it needs to be maintained by you as well. Periodically have your underground lines inspected by a licensed contractor. Florence Utility, upon request, will offer an excess flow valve for gas service lines at the customer's expense. If a problem is found to exist, have it repaired immediately. If you have any questions, please call our office at 715-528-3330 or email florenceutilities@florenceutilitieswi.gov.