Frequently Asked Questions

Where does the renewable energy come from?

As a member of WPPI Energy we have access to a portfolio of renewable energy projects.

These resources include electricity generated by two wind turbines located on the Buffalo Ridge in southwest Minnesota; wind farms in Dodge County in Wisconsin; solar panels in Jefferson, Wisconsin and at select customer locations in Wisconsin and Iowa; and a biogas-to-energy facility in Wisconsin's Fox Valley.

How will the renewable energy be delivered to my home or business?

Electricity generated by the renewable resources will be fed into the electric power grid along with all other power sources serving our community. While it isn't possible today to deliver electricity from renewable sources directly to your home or business, your support for the Renewable Energy Program will enable us to increase the amount of clean, green resources that are a part of our power supply.

Can businesses participate?

Yes. Commercial, industrial and agricultural customers are encouraged to sign up. Please visit our Green Power for Business page for details.

Why does renewable energy cost more?

Although many renewable resources such as wind, sunlight and water are free, the technologies for capturing this energy are still more expensive than traditional power plants. By choosing renewable energy, you help lower these energy resource costs and increase the amount of electricity generated from clean energy sources.

What is my extra investment in renewable energy used for?

The money you spend on renewable energy is used to foster the growth of renewable resources. Most of it is allocated to the development of renewable resources, such as additional solar and wind energy projects. The rest is used to build support for renewable energy among customers like you, as well as businesses and organizations in your community. Broad support for renewable technologies across our communities will add up to greater demand, which, in turn will increase the investment made in renewable energy.