Friberg Re-Elected to WPPI Energy Executive Committee

FLORENCE – Florence Utilities General Manager Robert Friberg was re-elected in September to a three-year term on the WPPI Energy Executive Committee (EC).

Together through WPPI Energy, FRobert Friberg, General Managerlorence Utilities and 50 other local, not-for-profit electric utilities in Wisconsin, Iowa and Michigan’s Upper Peninsula purchase power, share resources and jointly own electric generation facilities and transmission assets. 

Friberg has represented Florence on the WPPI Energy Board of Directors since 1980, and he has served since 2010 on the 11-member EC, which oversees operations and programs. He also served on the EC from 1982 to 2000. In addition, he is a member of the Finance & Audit Committee. He previously held the role of treasurer and served on the organization’s Community Relations Advisory Group, Distribution Services Advisory Group, Information Technology Advisory Group and Member Services Advisory Group.

Under the guidance of Friberg and the rest of the board of directors, WPPI Energy has held costs to member utilities relatively flat for the past five years. In 2018, WPPI Energy’s average wholesale power supply cost decreased 7.4%, marking the joint action agency’s lowest wholesale cost since 2009.

The WPPI Energy membership is also making its power supply resource mix more diverse and sustainable, with an electric generation portfolio that is around 33% carbon-free. The membership will soon add the Point Beach Solar Energy Center, putting WPPI Energy on track to achieve about a 37% reduction in carbon dioxide emissions by 2025 when compared to 2005.

Florence Utilities is a municipally owned and operated electric, water, and natural gas utility serving more than 1,600 customers. Founded in 1898, the not-for-profit utility strives to provide low-cost, reliable service with a strong focus on customers and the local community.