Identify a Natural Gas Leak

gas leak graphicNatural gas is clean, efficient, and relatively safe. However, because there are potential dangers associated with natural gas usuage, the Florence Utility Commission recommends that consumers remember these safety tips. 

While rare, natural gas line leaks can be extremely dangerous. The most telling sign of a natural gas line leak is the familiar rotten egg odor you may start to smell in or outside your home. This odor is added to natural gas so it can be detected in the event of a leak. The biggest hazard of a gas leak is an explosion. When natural gas builds up in an enclosed area, it becomes extremely volatile. A gas build up has the potential to be flammable and explosive. Gas leaks in the home can be easily prevented by ensuring flexible gas lines are inspected regularly and installed properly by licensed professionals.

Gas leaks outside the home are dangerous as well. Most gas lines coming into the home are buried underground. Before doing any job that requires digging outside, homeowners should call 811 (Diggers Hotline) at least three business days before digging. The utilities will then be notified and asked to mark the lines they own. After the lines have been marked; safe, careful digging can begin.

If you detect a strong gas odor, follow these tips:

  • Do not attempt to locate the leak
  • Do not turn on OR off any electrical appliances
  • Do not smoke or use any open flames
  • Leave the house and, from a safe distance, call Florence Utilities at 715-528-3330
  • When digging outside, if a natural gas line is damaged, call 911 or Florence Utilities IMMEDIATELY - DO NOT ATTEMPT TO REPAIR THE LINE. 

Contact our office with any questions.          Phone: 715-528-3330          Email: florenceutiilties@florenceutilitieswi.gov