Meter Free of Ice and Snow

Florence Utilities urges residents to keep safety first and make sure natural gas meters are free from snow and ice. Taking the simple yet important safety step of keeping meters free of ice and snow can help ensure that safety remains a top priority for all.  We offer these four important safety tips:

1) Remove snow and ice from around natural gas (and electric) meters. If snow and ice is allowed to build up, it can become compacted and freeze around the meter, causing damage that can interfere with its proper operation, and can also affect appliances served by that meter.

2) Snow should always be removed by hand, never with a shovel, metal / wood tools or power snow removal equipment.

3) Clear away snow from rooftop chimneys, fresh air intakes and furnance exhaust pipes. 

4) Residents with high-efficiency furnaces should make sure the intake pipes (typically two white plastic pipes coming out from the side of the home) are free from drifting snow to prevent possible obstructions that could interfere with safe operation. Safely removing snow and ice around meters, intake valves and chimneys can also help prevent carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning.  If you are concerned that the meter's vent may be blocked, please call Florence Utilities at 715-528-3330 for assistance.