Notice to All Natural Gas Customers:

Please inspect your gas meters and vents on a regular basis and remove any ice and snow built up. This is for your personal safety. Keeping your meters and vents clear of accumulation will help prevent damage that could result in a hazardous situation.

Why is it important to keep your meter clear of snow and ice buildup?shutoff and regulator

  • Accumulated snow and ice places stress on the regulator and meter piping, and could cause gas to leak into your home and create an unsafe condition.
  • Excessive snow cover may result in abnormal pressure, affect appliance operation, and interrupt your service.
  • If there is an emergency, response crews will need clear access to your meter.

Meters are designed to withstand extreme weather conditions, but remember to protect them from ice and snow buildup during harsh winter months.

  • When removing heavy accumulations of snow or ice, DO NOT strike meters with snow blowers, blades, or shovels
  • DO NOT kick your meter to break or clear ice.
  • Use a broom, a snow brush, or your hands to lightly remove snow and ice that is capable of being removed. For extremely heavy ice buildup, please contact Florence Utilities 715.528.3330.
  • Remove icicles and snow from overhead eaves and gutters to prevent damage to the meter as they fall. Also, dripping water can splash and freeze on the meter or vent pipes.